Virtual Health Library of Nethis Fiocruz is a cooperative center from Lilacs

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  • 2 de Setembro de 2014


lilacsThe Virtual Health Library Bioethics and Diplomacy in Health (VHL Nethis) initiated the submission of its scientific and technical collection to the Lilacs – the most important and comprehensive index of scientific and technical literature of Latin America and Caribbean. The VHL Nethis became a Cooperating Center of Lilacs in August this year, when it fulfilled the criteria for quality of content.

According to the librarian responsible for the monitoring of projects and instances of Bireme, Juliana Sousa, the cooperating centers are institutions that comprise the VHL Network and contribute with sources and information services of one or more instances of the VHL. In this case, the Nethis/Fiocruz is the Cooperative Center and the BVS Bioethics and Health Diplomacy is the VHL instance. “A cooperative center represents the interests of its institution in the VHL in relation to the area of scientific and technical information on health, in addition to contributing to the visibility of scientific and technical production in health of its institution in the VHL through publication of its own contribution repository, with bases such as Lilacs and activities related to maintenance and quality”, explains.

The librarian of Nethis/Fiocruz Neilia Almeida evaluates the importance of being part of a database that is present in 27 countries and has in its collection over 685 thousand healthcare records. “The Lilacs methodology is very strict and there are different criteria which are adopted for an item to become integrated in its collection. To cooperate with Lilacs allows us to spread our thematic framework in a database recognized for its quality in the international arena. ”

“The BVS Bioethics and Health Diplomacy had a fast and innovative development and has fulfilled its goal and mission, which is to provide visibility and accessibility of documents of this interdisciplinary field (Bioethics, Public Health and International Relations) and the scientific production of Nethis,” says the librarian responsible for the monitoring of projects and instances of Bireme, Juliana Souza.

UNHEARD OF – the VHL Bioethics and Health Diplomacy is the only of the VHL network using a different platform, the “Dspace”, which covers the tool database of VHL and also will serve as the repository of all publications of Nethis/Fiocruz, regardless of its format, eg: videos, PowerPoint documents, among others. The originality of the operating system use culminated with the work “Institutional repositories: the case of VHL Bioethics and Health Diplomacy”, which will be presented at the 18th National Seminar of University Libraries in November 2014 (read more).