Professor of UnB discusses composition of vaccines available in Brazil

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  • 6 de Outubro de 2015

conferencias internacionais unbNext Friday, October 9th, the Post-Graduate Program in Bioethics at the University of Brasilia (UnB) has its VII International Conference Cycle. The lecturer is the emeritus professor José Garrofe Dórea, Coordinator of the Group of Development and International Relations of the Faculty of Health Sciences (FS/UnB), with the theme “Vaccines: a discussion that reaches the bioethics”. It will be held at Auditorium 1 of FS, at 9 am. Dórea works with research in nutrition (mineral metabolism-Zn, Ca, P, Cu, Se, Fe, I) and ecotoxicology (toxic metals-HG, Pb, Sb;organochlorines-DDT, DDE and interfering  endocrines) on the following subjects: human milk, biomarkers, endocrine-active contaminants. Toxicology of mercury, health of urban populations and bordering the Amazon.