March 2011

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  • 24 de Abril de 2011

Theme: Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights: the responsibility of States and international cooperation.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Aline de Albuquerque S. de Oliveira
Professor of the Graduate program in Bioethics at the University of Brasilia. Lawyer of the Union at the Ministry of Health
Moderator: Dr. Swedenberger Barbosa
Special Advisor to the Chief Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency and Master in Health Sciences


Aline Oliveira, with depth and width, presented the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (UDBHR), a fundamental text in order to form the thematic amalgam from NETHIS. Initially she approached the process of drawing up the UDBHR, detailing the negotiation within the framework of UNESCO. Then presented the General content of the UDBHR, especially their parties and their principles (distinguishing the principles relating to the human person, the social principles and environmental principles).

Dr. Aline Oliveira also discussed the ways of interconnection between bioethics and human rights, contributing to the debate proposed by NETHIS to find the intersection of bioethics with the areas of public health and international relations. This interdisciplinary approach is presented by means of different languages of bioethics found in UDBHR, which resonate in the normative, institutional and theoretical dimensions of bioethics. Dr. Aline Oliveira stressed the principle of social responsibility and health on the contents of UDBHR, showing the contents of its article 14, considering its context and its relationship with the social determinants of health. The principle of responsibility requires the joint action of the countries, so the principle of international cooperation was also faced in the analysis conducted by the lecturer – in this case, Dr. Aline Oliveira interpreted articles 13 and 24 of the UDBHR.

Finally, her presentation contributed to the development of a scientific NETHIS proposal, because it showed important interfaces of the field of bioethics with the theme of international cooperation, implemented and formalized by the UDBHR, which is a fundamental document for the scholars of the subject.
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