Fiocruz plans partnership with Unilab

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  • 27 de Novembro de 2014

To perform distance-learning course on South-South Cooperation in Health, to share the VHL Nethis and to include the University in the Master’s degree in Family Health are the first initiatives

visita unilab

O coordenador do Nethis, José Paranaguá Santana, comenta sobre as expectativas da Fiocruz com a Unilab

Researchers from Fiocruz met the Dean of the University of International Integration of Afro-Brazilian Lusophony (Unilab), Nilma Gomes, with the Dean of Institutional Relations, Cassius Rubio, with the Dean of Graduation, Andrea Linard and part of the faculty to articulate cooperation activities. The meeting took place on Tuesday, November 25, on the campus da Liberdade, Redenção, Ceará.

The coordinator of the Center for Bioethics and Diplomacy Studies in Health (Nethis/Fiocruz), José Paranaguá Santana, presented two proposals to initiate cooperation between the Unilab and Fiocruz: to share the Virtual Health Library of Nethis with Unilab and, through it, universities from other Portuguese-speaking countries; and to promote jointly the update course Paradoxes of South-South Cooperation in Health, in distance mode, from 2015.

“The VHL Nethis can integrate the virtual platform of the Network of Public Institutions of Higher Education (Ripes) of Unilab, which is still in process of construction,” suggested the Dean of Institutional Relations, Cassius Rubio. Ripes aims to strengthen communication between Unilab and public institutions from CPLP countries to assist the scientific, technological and cultural development between countries and partner institutions. “Besides the participation of the academic body of Unilab in VHL Nethis manager collegiate, it is a strategy to strengthen the Brazilian cooperation in the context of CPLP” evaluated Paranaguá.

The Director of Fiocruz Ceará, Antonio Carlile Lavor, highlighted the importance of incorporating Unilab in Professional Master’s in Family Health, held in conjunction with Fiocruz. “The Ministry of Education has an important national project to train professors in Family Health for new medical courses, and also for the training of the Faculty of older medical courses,” says Lavor. Paranaguá stressed the interest of the Vice President of Education, Information and Communication ofFiocruz, Nísia Trindade Lima, on this joint initiative.

visita unilab 2

Pesquisador do Ipea João Brígido apresenta o perfil da cooperação Brasil-África

Accompanying the Group from Fiocruz in the visit, the Brazilian cooperation project coordinator for international development (Cobradi/Ipea), John Brígido Bezerra Lima, warned that it is not on the analysis of the Brazilian international cooperation, published by Ipea, records about Unilab. “It will be very important your cooperation with information on initiatives of the University and I propose myself to articulate to develop, in partnership with Fiocruz, academic studies to identify profiles of international cooperation with Africa”, proposed.

VISIT TO THE CAMPUSES – during the meeting, the international adviser for Africa of the Center of International Relations in Health (Cris/Fiocruz), Luiz Eduardo Fonseca, taught the class “Challenges for cooperation in Health in CPLP” for teachers of Unilab, and donated copies of the book “Food and nutritional security in the community of the Portuguese-speaking countries: challenges and perspectives” .

In the afternoon, the researchers met the new academic blocks from campus das Auroras, with 40 classrooms, 33 laboratories and 120 teachers offices, in addition to ten rooms of coordinating courses and two Secretaries. The new campus is located within the limits of the municipalities of Redenção and Acarape, on a plot donated by the Government of Ceará. The 16.000 m² space will become the definitive headquarters of the University. It is estimated that 5,000 students and more than 1,000 servers will benefit from it.