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The cycle of Debates about Bioethics, Diplomacy and Public Health promotes the thinking, debate and development of interdisciplinary scientific studies. The sessions are published monthly, recorded and made available in the Nethis video library

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June 2018

  • Theme: “Biodefence and Global health”
  • Summary: 
The term Biodefense includes a set of actions aimed at protecting the population and the agricultural and natural resources against biological threats, such as emerging diseases, bioterrorism, biosafety and bioprotection failures, production of biological weapons. What are the threats to global health and the corresponding Biodefense measures, in the context of human security, human rights protection and the promotion of international cooperation? Date: August 16th 2018
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May 2018

  • Theme: “Health safety and response to CBRN Emergencies”
  • Date: May 24th 2018, 8:30 am
  • Venue: Auditorium at Fiocruz Brasília
  • Lecturers:

Rodrigo Frutuoso, Emergency Response Coordinator of the Department of Disaster Surveillance (Vigidesastres) of the Ministry of Health

Danilo Nery Coelho, Intelligence Officer and Coordinator of Sensitive Technologies and Biodefense, Department of Strategic Intelligence of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin)

  • Table coordinator:

Rivaldo Venâncio da Cunha, Coordinator of Health Surveillance and Reference Laboratories of the Presidency of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz)

  • Summary: 
The responses to emergencies by chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents is a theme relevant to the debate, involving actors and instances of the areas of public health and safety, in particular at potential risk of high impact to the population and to agricultural and natural resources of a region or country. Which are the institutional advances and challenges most relevant to the prevention, preparation and response to CBRN Emergencies, from the perspective of human security, human rights protection and the promotion of international solidarity?  
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APR/2018 – “Synthetic Biology in Dual Perspective: conquests and threats to global health”

Theme: “Synthetic Biology in Dual Perspective: conquests and threats to global health" Summary: Advances in synthetic biology are controversial topics for health security. A key aspect of this debate refers to the scientific research of dual use, those whose results can be used for good or for evil of mankind. This dilemma worsens as the biological experiments become more affordable and accessible, as the example of the case of the dissemination of virus synthesis technique of polio, without any natural direct precursor, just following the encoded gene sequence. How to locate the main advances in biology with a view to preventing the illegal use and encouraging international cooperation and development? Lecturers:

- Marcos Dornelas Ribeiro - Major - Head of Subdivision of Research and Biodefense of the Institute of Biology of the Army (IBEx) - Brazilian Army

See slide presentation here.

- Manoel Barral Netto - Vice President of Education, Information and Communication of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (VPEIC/Fiocruz)

See slide presentation here.


- José Agenor Álvares da Silva, Researcher at Oswaldo Cruz Foundation - Brasília

Venue: Salão Internacional da Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública Sérgio Arouca (ENSP), Fiocruz, campus de Manguinhos, Rio de Janeiro

Date: April 16th 2018

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