Brazil signs cooperation agreement with the OECD

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  • 5 de Junho de 2015

The Ministers of Economy, Joaquim Levy, and of International Relations, Mauro Vieira, signed this Wednesday (3rd) a cooperation agreement with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which will increase the country’s participation in the committees of the institution, and which allow to anticipate the launch of a procedure of access to medium-term, according to the EFE.

Vieira said, in an interview together with Levy at the OECD’s Paris headquarters, where they participated in the annual ministerial meeting, that the signed commitment establishes “a work program” that foresees a more intense cooperation.

The head of the Brazilian diplomacy further indicated that it is being considered which experiences may be more useful to Brazil. In addition, he stressed that “it is important that Brazil, as a developing country, to contribute with its experience”

Vieira also indicated that the country already participates in OECD committees and many mechanisms and will explore the possibilities of extending those mechanisms in the field of governance and transparency, “areas in which Brazil has much to gain”.

The Minister of Economy, Joaquim Levy, mentioned that “it is necessary to be prepared to enter the OECD”, which involves a series of commitments that we have to evaluate and eventually negotiate. It is not a thing which is done by  improvising”, according to the Ministry of the Economy.

The ministerial meeting of OECD, held under the slogan by “Unlocking the investment for sustainable growth”, will be in Paris in the presence of Ministers and leaders of the 34 countries of OECD, as well as other guests.

Brazil is not a member of the Organization, but it is regarded as an important partner, which allows it to participate in committees and working areas.

Source: G1, in São Paulo. 

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