Bioethics and Health Diplomacy is theme at “Pesquisa SUS”

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  • 23 de Novembro de 2015

The First “Pesquisa SUS” – Scientific Meeting of Applied Research to Public Policies in Health of the Fiocruz School of Government happens from Monday (23rd) and continues until November 25th. The meeting aims to encourage the strengthening of relations between research and public policies and to promote the exchange of knowledge between researchers, managers, workers and students of the health areas.

Discussions will occur on “Science for Public Health Policies”; “Dialogue between science, training, innovation and society”; and “Monitoring the implementation of Public Policies in Health”.

97 papers were approved in nine categories, with 28 from employees at Fiocruz. There will also be the presentation of projects developed by the students of the Courses on International Cooperation in the Health from Nethis. Here is a list of the approved papers in the theme of Bioethics and Health Diplomacy:

Multilateral negotiations on Global Health and the Negligence to irregular medicines – Cammilla Horta Gomes, Magda de Lima Lúcio

The social issue of people with disabilities in BrazilJoão Batista Correia Silva, Tânia Sousa Lima, Daniela Vaz Ferreira Gómez, Paulo Roberto Vieira

Health and freedom from the perspective of public policies for combating chronic diseases in BrazilCammilla Horta Gomes, Ludmila Nascimento Soares, Aline dos Reis Lima, Thaís Alessa Leite, Marina Ferreira Gonçalves

Public health policies and Social participation in UNASURWabner de Souza Prado, Roberta de Freitas

Regional Health institutions in the subregional ContextRoberta de Freitas Campos

More information can be found on the website of the meeting

The list of papers is available at

Source: ASCOM/Fiocruz Brasília