XI Brazilian Congress of Bioethics to be held in September

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  • 23 de Fevereiro de 2015

logo XI Congresso Brasileiro de Bioética


The XI Brazilian Congress of Bioethics will occur betweenSeptember 22nd and 25th, in Natal. Under the topic “Bioethics and Inequality”, the event will bring together the III Brazilian Congress of Clinical Bioethics and III International Conference on Teaching of Ethics of the International Association for Education in Ethics (IAEE).

Access the letter of the president of the XI Brazilian Congress of Bioethics, Karla Amorim.

The registration form will be available soon.

Information: Atual Eventos: contato@atualeventos.com or +55(84) 3219-6611.


Registration fees

Categories Until April 30th 2015 Until June 30th 2015 Until August 30th 2015 After August 30th 2015
SBB  and IAEE regular partners R$ 220 R$ 280 R$ 330 R$ 440
Students R$ 165 R$ 220 R$ 280 R$ 380
Members of CEP and CEUA R$ 280 R$ 330 R$ 390 R$ 490
Others R$ 440 R$ 500 R$ 600 R$ 720