Video library: Carlos Morel talks about his career

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  • 8 de Agosto de 2016

Professor Carlos Morel, Coordinator of the Center of Technological Development in Health (CDTS/Fiocruz), and professor Isaac Roitman, Coordinator of the Center for Future Studies (n-Futures), recorded the Dialogues program of UnB TV in June 2016. Morel spoke about his career, pioneer in molecular biology of UnB, the doctorate period in Switzerland and his return to the University in 1972. Years later, he went to the Oswaldo Cruz Institut (IOC) to build the Department of Biochemistry and molecular biology, which has become an international reference in technology transfer.

Morel has held two positions in the same period, as Director of IOC, and Vice President of Fiocruz. Between 1993 and 1997, he was President of the Foundation. It highlights the computerization of Fiocruz as one of his major legacies. “One of the things I did was to insert 16 kilometers of optical fiber joining two large departments, setting a professional internet , and we were a lead among institutions in trying to connect Fiocruz in the worldwide network of the internet”, he recalls. Check out the complete interview of Director of CDTS:

DIALOGUES PROGRAM UnB TV – Recording of the Dialogues Program UnB TV occurs monthly after the session of VII Cycle of Debates on Bioethics, Diplomacy and Public Health, promoted by the Nethis/Fiocruz. In June, Morel was the guest speaker and spoke on the theme “Public Health and Translational Science: synergy or antagonism“, with the table Coordinator Isaac Roitman.

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