Unilab and Fiocruz initiate process for cooperation agreement in several areas of knowledge

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  • 9 de Maio de 2015

From left to right: Secretary of Health of Ceará, Carlile Lavor, Dean of Unilab, Tomaz Mota Santos and Director of Fiocruz, Fernando Carneiro.

A meeting held on Wednesday (06) on Campus of Aurora, in Redenção/CE, sealed the first step to a comprehensive technical cooperation agreement between the University of the International Integration of Afro-Brazilian Lusophony (Unilab) and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), which will impact directly and positively in the development of teaching, research and extension. The meeting included the participation of the Dean of Unilab, Tomaz Mota Santos, the Director of Fiocruz, Fernando Carneiro, and the Secretary of Health of the State of Ceará, Carlile Lavor.

Speaking on behalf of the presidency of Fiocruz, Fernando Carneiro ensured that this cooperation can be made in several areas. “Before the beginning of this meeting, I talked to our President [Paulo Gadelha] who gave me approval so that we can cooperate with Unilab in all areas where Fiocruz acts. This University interests us a lot due to South-South cooperation, while strengthening our policy of nationalisation. Today, Fiocruz is present in 17 States of Brazil”, said Fernando Carneiro.

To show the range of possibilities of this partnership, the Director of Fiocruz cited the Industrial and Technology Center in Health, installed on Eusêbio, which has as main objective to develop the pharmaceuticals and chemicals segment of Ceará, besides promoting the integration between Fiocruz, higher education institutions and the private sector. It will be, for example, a centre of reference in the manufacture of vaccines.

“If Unilab wishes to have a physical space in the Center [in PITS] it will be welcomed. Our intention with this technological tools is not competing, but adding and joining forces to attract groups of excellence in Brazil so we can think and develop scientific research with social responsibility, providing a different form of science, taking into account a distinctive population. Therefore, we are signing this cooperation agreement as soon as possible, because we believe that it is strategic to Fiocruz and Unilab “, welcomed Fernando Carneiro.

In line with the request for urgency, the Dean Tomaz Mota Santos gave endorsement to the consolidation of the partnership, asking the Dean of Institutional Relations (Proinst), Edson Borges, the drafting of the letter of motivation, which is the first official document to seal the cooperation. And he guaranteed: “if we rely on the University this will be just the beginning of a long coexistence and partnership between Unilab and Fiocruz”.

UNILAB E FIOCRUZ REUNIAOIn addition to the cited authorities , attended the meeting:

Albanise Barbosa, Pro-Dean of research and post-graduate studies.

Edson Borges, Pro-Dean of Institutional Relations.

Thiago de Albuquerque, Pro-Dean of administration.

Rodolfo Pereira, Acting Pro-Dean for graduation.

Emilia Soares, Prof. of the Institute of health sciences.

Maria Bezerra, Prof. of the Institute of health sciences.

Edmara Chaves, Prof. of the Institute of health sciences.

Leilane Barbosa, project coordinator and Curriculum monitoring – Prograd.

Fabiane da Silva, Coordinator of health and well-being

Victor Person, Prof. of the Institute of exact sciences and nature.

Daniel Freire, Prof. of the Institute of health sciences.

Source: http://www.unilab.edu.br/