UnB TV program discusses Health Inequalities in the world

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  • 7 de Junho de 2016

dialogos 1The researcher at Fiocruz Bahia Maurício Barreto and the Coordinator of the Nethis/Fiocruz Brasilia, José Paranaguá de Santana, participated in the Program Diálogos of UnB TV, which airs by the NET operator, channel 15. The researchers talked about health inequalities in the world. “In recent decades, health conditions have improved as a whole, but inequalities are preserving and deepening”, said Paranaguá.

Barreto exemplified the theme of inequality with the indicator of life expectancy, in which the difference between countries is 40 years. “A country that has 40 years of life expectancy and years ago was 20 years, improved. And a country that had the expectation of 40 years and now has 80 years also improved, but the inequalities between countries are kept”.

For him, there should be a discussion about justice, if the inequalities will persist, whether it is fair or unfair, if there is no way to end the differences. “This is a debate that, traditionally, the health system has not entered more firmly and this must be the most active part of discussions on health policies”, said Barreto.

Check out the complete program here.