UN select students and tutors of simulated UN for workshop in New York

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  • 23 de Junho de 2015
simuladores onu

Young people participate in activities at the Secretariat of UN. Picture: Jing Zhang

The Department of Public Information (DPI) of the United Nations is organizing a workshop on simulations of the United Nations (UN Model, or MUN) in New York, with duration of 3 days, between November 6th and 9th of 2015.

The workshop is being organised by the United Nations in conjunction with the World Federation of the Associations of International Models of the United Nations (WIMUN), whose meeting in 2015 will be in New York between November 10th and 14th . Students who wish to participate in workshop and, immediately, as a delegate of the WIMUN are welcomed to do so, but they must be registered separately for each of the events.

This workshop is designed for students of the MUNs who organize simulations or have participated in a MUN Conference in college or secondary levels. Any student who had a leading role in organizing a conference or participated as a delegate is eligible for nomination.

Candidates are required to have participated in at least one model of simulation of the United Nations before the workshop and must be able to communicate in English. Counselors who have a role in training or supervision of students who organize or participate in MUN conferences are also eligible.

Registrations are now open. There is no registration fee for students or counselors who are eligible to participate in the 2015 MUN Workshop in New York. However, once accepted, participants will be responsible for all travel and subsistence expenses during the workshop. To inform his/her inscription, just click on “Registration” in the navigation bar of the site of the event and access instructions on how to fill out the online registration form.

The deadline for registration is September 15th 2015. All the details are available at http://outreach.un.org/mun

Any questions can be enlightened only at the event site, at http://outreach.un.org/mun/contact-us/

Source: United Nations.