September 2011

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  • 13 de Setembro de 2011

Theme: South-South cooperation and Economic-Industrial Complex of Health

Lecturer: José Gomes Temporão
Researcher at Fiocruz. Former Minister of Health of Brazil (2007-2010).
Moderator: José Paranaguá de Santana
PAHO/WHO consultant in Brazil, Coordinator of the NETHIS Project
Coordinator: Gerson Penna
Director of Fiocruz Brasilia and Executive Director of the School of Government in Health (EGS)


On 29 September the eighth meeting of 2011 the “Cycle of Debates on Bioethics, Diplomacy and Health” was held, sponsored by the Center for of Bioethics and Diplomacy Studies in Health (NETHIS), in partnership with the graduate program in bioethics at the University of Brasilia, with support of the Regional Direction of Brasilia of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ Brasília) and of PAHO/WHO/Brazil. This meeting was about the cycle theme “South-South cooperation and Economic-Industrial Complex of Health” and it was attended, as a lecturer, by Dr. José Gomes Temporão, Executive Coordinator of the ISAGS and former Minister of Health. As a moderator, the event was attended by Dr. José Paranaguá Santana, Coordinator of NETHIS, and as coordinator of the session, Dr. Gerson Penna, Director of FIOCRUZ Brasilia.

The lecturer began his speech addressing five transitions in society that impact on public health (demographic, epidemiological, nutritional, cultural and technological). Later, dealt with the growing importance of health in the context of globalization. Finally, he analyzed the Economic-Industrial Complex of Health, its growing importance in the Brazilian public policies and its articulation with the international cooperation in health developed by Brazil.
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