Registration opened for IX Luso-Brazilian Meeting on Bioethics

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  • 20 de Abril de 2016


The Brazilian Society of Bioethics (SBB) and the Center for the Study of Bioethics, from Portugal, are the organizers of next IX Luso-Brazilian Meeting on Bioethics and III Lusophone Meeting on Bioethics, in partnership with the Catholic University of Portugal. The meeting, which takes place between September 15th and 17th 2016, with the theme Global Protection and Development, will be on Foz Campus, at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Rua Diogo de Botelho, 1327.

Access the website of the Meeting here.

The Organization invites the interested parties to submit their proposals for free paper and/or poster on the subjects: Environmental Protection and development: ethical issues (smoking, quality of life in the cities and genetically modified organisms, among others); Social Protection and development: ethical issues (Human work, Leisure Occupation and Responsible Citizenship); and Health Protection and development: ethical issues (funding and the right to health, access to new therapies and ill-treatment).

* Registration for the IX Luso-Brazilian Meeting on Bioethics and III Lusophone Meeting on Bioethics can be made at the official website of the event, at the cost of 100 € until July 1st, and 150 €, until September 12th.

Preliminary schedule

1st Day (September 15th)

16h30 Opening of the Secretariat / document delivery
17h45 Opening session
18h30 Opening Conference:
The impact of ethical concerns in the development of societies
19h15 Welcome cocktail

2nd Day (September 16th)


08h00 Opening of the Secretariat
09h00 Conferences:
Environmental protection – challenges for bioethics in a global world
09h40 Debate
10h00 Coffee-break
10h20 Opened table:
Take care of our house – the bioethical implications of a common responsibility
11.30 Debate
11h50 Free papers:
environmental protection and development – ethical issues
13h15 Working lunch


14h30 Free papers:
Social protection and development: ethical issues
15h00 Conferences:
Bioethics and biopolitics: a “look” on the iniquities
15h40 Debate
16h00 Coffee-break
16h20 Opened table:
Global development policies
17h30 Debate
18h00 Posters (presentation)
19h00 Closure

3rd Day (September 17th)


08h30 Free papers:
Health protection and development: ethical issues
09h15 Bioethics in UNESCO
10h00 Conferences:
To be born, live and die in a global world: from fragility to protection
10h45 Debate
11h00 Coffee-break
11h20 Opened table:
Global health, development and bioethics
12h30 Debate
12h45 Closure session of the IX ELBB