October 2012

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  • 25 de Outubro de 2012

Theme: Solidarity versus national interests in the context of communities of countries.

Lecturer: Félix Rígoli
Desktop Manager of Health Systems and Coordinator of the Technical Unit of Human Resources of PAHO/OMS in Brazil

Coordinator: José Paranaguá de Santana
Adviser to the Center of International Relations in Health and Coordinator of NETHIS

Cooperation among countries is both a goal and a means for the preservation of peace and the progress of the peoples of the Earth, as stated by the United Nations. Differences in stages in the technical-scientific and economic development among regions and countries is the objective basis for the execution of the cooperation processes; and the principles of solidarity and justice in distribution and enjoyment of the benefits of this development are the philosophical bases and guidelines policies of such processes. The purpose of this session of the NETHIS Cycle of Debates is to analyze and to polemicize the tension between national interests, which determine the foreign policies of the Governments, versus altruism, which should conduct the cooperative relations for the common and global welfare. To deepen the discussion around this issue certainly represents a contribution to tackling the conflicts present on the agenda of international relations, as a line of reflection and research in the area of convergence of this field with public health and bioethics.

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