Nethis/Fiocruz will coordinate discipline of the Professional Master’s in Public Policies in Health

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  • 27 de Abril de 2015

pecas_mestrado_2015_2“Health, Development, Justice and International Cooperation” is the discipline offered by the Center for Bioethics and Diplomacy Studies in Health (Nethis/Fiocruz) in the elective curriculum of the Professional Master’s in Public Policies in Health of Fiocruz Brasilia. Master classes will begin on August 3rd at the Fiocruz School of Government from Fiocruz Brasilia.

In this discipline, the student will learn concepts about health, development and justice, in the context of international relations, focusing from the mid-20 century. “In the end, the student will be able to analyze critically the international cooperation in health,” explains José Paranaguá de Santana, Coordinator of Nethis.

MASTER’S DEGREE – the Master’s degree brings as its central theme “Integration of Public Policies in Health” and has two lines of research: Health and Social Justice and Surveillance and Management in Health. Check out all the info here.

There are 20 vacancies. The selection process consists of three steps. In the first (eliminatory), the candidate will make a test, which will be comprised of specific content related to the master’s degree program. The second stage (qualifying) will consist of an interview, during which the candidate will present his/her letter of intent, orally, and will answer questions about his/her resume. In the third stage (qualifying), the candidate will make an English exam.

The dissemination of the final results is scheduled for June 29th and the registration will be held from July 1st to 10th.