Nethis/Fiocruz Brasilia presents work outcomes in Portugal

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  • 19 de Setembro de 2016

An unprecedented research through all the resolutions of the United Nations (UN) General Assemblie, of the Economic and Social Council (Ecosoc/UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO), between 2005 and 2016, drew an international regulatory panorama of health risk factors related to tobacco, alcohol, ultraprocessed food and agrochemicals. The study was presented at the IX Luso-Brazilian Meeting on Bioethics and III Bioethics Lusophone Meeting, which took place between September 15th and 17th 2016, at Campus da Foz, of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa in Portugal.

The work presented an overview of the first stage of the project “Public Policies Repository on International Regulation of Risk Factors Associated with Non-communicable Chronic Diseases”, which is in the early stages and still without funding.”One of the goals of the Centre is to identify innovative experiences within the framework of international regulation and share them by using a digital platform with the political, technical and scientific community and civil society, to be used as an aid for construction of public policies in health”, says Roberta Freitas, Research Coordinator of Nethis/Fiocruz Brasilia and one of the authors of the survey.

After analysis of 29 resolutions on alcohol, tobacco, pesticides and ultraprocessed food, timelines have been developed in order to facilitate the provision of this information. In the case of tobacco, all the conferences of the parties to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control were also analyzed. Authors of research include Cecilia Lopes and Barbara Formiga, researchers from Nethis/Fiocruz.

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linha-do-tempo-agrotoxicos linha-do-tempo-alcool linha-do-tempo-au linha-do-tempo-tabaco

Full information will soon be available in an exclusive page of Nethis website.