Nethis VHL and Public Health School of USP plan to integrate their databases

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  • 28 de Setembro de 2016

To establish cooperation among the holdings of the Virtual Health Library Bioethics and Diplomacy in Health (VHL Nethis) and the Reference and Information Center in Public Health of the Faculty of Public Health of the University of São Paulo (CIR/FSP/USP) is the objective of the partnership between Nethis and USP.

The teams from Nethis, USP and the Institute of Communication and Information in Health Science and Technology (Icict/Fiocruz) attended the meeting last Wednesday (28th), via Skype.

The negotiations to strengthen the partnership between the VHL Nethis and CIR of the Faculty of Public Health of USP occur from 2013. USP collaborates with VHL Nethis with participation in the Technical Committee of VHL Nethis.