Nethis associated researcher releases book “Human Rights of Patients”

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  • 11 de Fevereiro de 2016

CONVITE VIRTUAL - DIREITOS HUMANOS DOS PACIENTESPatient rights to privacy, to information and to health care with quality and safety are some of the issues presented in the book “Human Rights of Patients”, by Nethis/Fiocruz Brasília´s associated researcher Aline Albuquerque, lawyer of the Union within the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic.

The publication describes a list of patient rights, covering issues of specific patients, such as children, elderly people and people with disabilities and highlights the importance of the role of the State in ensuring such rights.

In Brazil, there is no law that ensures the patient rights and no governmental body responsible for receiving complaints and to ensure these rights.

In addition, the author shows how the rights of patients are ensured by international courts of human rights and United Nations bodies in order to apply them specifically to health care in Brazil.


“Human Rights of Patients” book release

Date: February 18th/2016.
Time: 19 hs.
Venue: Livraria Cultura – Casa Park, Brasília – DF.
Information: 61 3410 4033.

The book can be found on the website of Publisher Juruá O livro pode ser encontrado no site da Editora Juruá neste link.

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