May 2013

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  • 16 de Abril de 2013

Theme: Frontiers of Science: challenges for South-South cooperation

Lecturer: Sergio Mascarenhas

Coordinator : Félix Rígoli


The session aims to review two challenges of the Brazilian science which acquire new relevance in the current context of South-South cooperation:

1 . How to approach those countries which are on the frontier of science?
2.  How to democratize the benefits of science already available in the country, including with friendly people  with whom it cooperates?

These challenges, which appear at the same time complementary and opposing, will be analyzed from considerations of strategic areas and models of cooperation of bottom up type, through proposals and examples that can give effective results and not be just diplomatic umbrella covenants top down type – no actual content. The speaker will address cases of success and failure in more than 50 years of work on the frontier of the Brazilian science.