June 2014

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  • 5 de Junho de 2014

Theme: “South-South cooperation in health: the challenge of inequalities in the context of international relations”

– João Brígido Bezerra Lima (Project Coordinator of the Brazilian Cooperation for International Development (COBRADI), IPEA). Subtheme: Brazilian Cooperation for International Development: Profile of Brazil-Africa Cooperation in the area of health in the period 2011/2013. See the presentation in slides
Regina Parizi (President of the Brazilian Society of Bioethics). Subtheme: Bioethics and South-South Cooperation: key challenges. See the presentation in slides
Luiz Eduardo Fonseca (Adviser to the Center of  International Relations in Health and a researcher at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation)
Eiiti Sato (Director of the International Relations Institute of the University of Brasília)