July 2012

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  • 14 de Setembro de 2012

Theme: Relationships between Health and Sustainable Development in the context of Bioethics

Lecturer: Íris Borowy
Professor at the University of Rostock, Germany
See the presentation of slides here.

Moderator: Carlos Corvalán
International Consultant of Health and Environment of PAHO/WHO in Brazil
See the presentation of slides here.

Coordinator: Guilherme Franco Netto
Director of the Department of Environmental Health Surveillance and Occupational Health from the Ministry of Health

Summary: The Panel will present the development of policies of the past 40 years on health and sustainable development supported by conferences and United Nations documents and will address the relationship among economics, health and environment.

Presentation of the Lecturer:

{edocs}Health and development documents_iris_borowy.pdf,420,348{/edocs}

PDF version

Presentation of the moderator:

{edocs}Future we want documents August23_carlos_corvalan.pdf,420,348{/edocs}

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