Health financing is the subject of the aula magna (master class) of the professional master’s

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  • 11 de Março de 2016

By Valéria Vasconcelos Padrão (Ascom/Fiocruz Brasília)

A conversation about the dilemmas of SUS, so was how professor José Mendes Ribeiro from ENSP summarized the proposal for his master class (aula magna) that opened the school semester of the Professional Master´s in Public Policies in Health, from the Fiocruz School of Government (EFG) located at Fiocruz. When talking about expenses/financing in health – watching a historical series of 1995 to 2013 – he defended the time has come to look and deal with the problems and difficulties of SUS to jump higher.

Mendes Ribeiro is doctor in public health and a professor at the National School of Public Health Sérgio Arouca. He dealt with three aspects of health spending – the governmental, the direct disbursement or expense of the families and the one with health plans. The public spending, including Federal, State and local authorities, despite having expanded didn’t bring an equitable public policy. The direct disbursement reaches mostly the poorest populations and almost 50% of this spending is with medicines. The health plans corporations defend reduction of regulation and don’t propose expansion, improvement of coverage.

At the opening of the class, the Director of Fiocruz Brasilia, Gerson Penna, recalled the process of construction of the School from a center of teaching and its consolidation with the Professional Master´s. Mendes Ribeiro emphasized the importance of integration and partnership of EFG with ENSP in several courses.