Fiocruz releases call for 21 vacancies of intermediate level

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  • 15 de Junho de 2016


The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation published on Tuesday (6/14), the first public notice of the public tests to fill 150 vacancies of intermediate and higher levels. The published public notice offer 21 vacancies for the post of Technical Assistant in Health Management. Registration period is from 7/4 to 8/8 and the cost of the inscription is R$ 70.00.

The 21 intermediate vacancies will be divided between units of Fiocruz in Brazil, being 14 to Rio de Janeiro, two for Manaus, one for Belo Horizonte and one for Brasília, one for Curitiba, one for Recife and one for Salvador.

The selection will be through an objective test of the Portuguese language, logical reasoning and knowledge specific to the profile. The tests will be applied in the capitals where they are intended for the vacancies on the likely date of 9/25.

Registration must be done on the webpage The organization of the contest provided official channels of communication that can be accessed by email at or by phone (21) 2209-2279, from 9:00 to 5:00 pm.

The basic salary of the position in the initial level is R$ 2,313.61, plus food stamps worth R$ 458.00, productivity bonus (80 points) in the amount of R$ 647.00. The earnings has a bonus qualification that varies between R$ 452.00 to R$ 1,762.00.

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation will still publish notices for Technical positions in Public Health (61 intermediate level vacancies), Specialist in science and technology, production and innovation in public health (10 vacancies) and researcher in public health (61 higher level vacancies).


Contest for the post of Technical Assistant in Health Management (intermediate level) application period: from 7/4 to 8/8 value: R$ 70.00. Read the announcement.

Table of grants for qualification  (GQ)

GQ 1: R$ 452,00 for courses of 180 hours

GQ 2: R$ 497,00 for courses of250 hours

GQ 3: R$ 542,00 for courses of 360 hours (Professional Technical education of Middle Level, undergraduate and post graduate Lato-Sensu)

GQ 4: R$ 881,00 for Masters

GQ 5: R$ 1.762,00 for PhD

Source: Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.