Teaching – Distance Learning

International Development Cooperation: Specifics of the Health Area (Distance Learning)

The course covers the fields of public health, international relations and bioethics from the key concepts of inequality, development and cooperation, based on two central issues:

  • How the scientific and technological development and innovation influence the inequalities among countries, in terms of health conditions and well-being?
  • Can such inequalities be eased with international cooperation?

With load time of around 80 hours, programming is distributed in four modules:

  1. Health, environment and development in the context of international relations.
  2. Health and international cooperation for development .
  3. International cooperation in health: (between) development and inequalities.
  4. Management of policies and projects of international cooperation in health.

Directed to professionals, researchers and students interested in the subject, this educational project will be shared with other national institutions, in the context of the Fiocruz School of Government and the SUS Open University network (UNA-SUS). This expansion of educational opportunities will be shared with other countries, especially the members of Unasur and CPLP, as part of the institutional policy of international cooperation from Fiocruz, in view of its designation in 2014 as a Collaborating Center for Global Health and South-South Cooperation of Paho/WHO.

To access the full document: International Development Cooperation: Specifics of the Health Area (Distance Learning – EaD)