O Nethis

Institutional Reports

Report of Activities Nethis 2010-2015

The 2010-2015 edition brings a summary of Nethis´s work and its integrated activities with the International Relations Advisory (ARI) at Fiocruz Brasília. A summary of the 42 sessions of the Cycles of Debate on Bioethics, Diplomacy and Public Health; the acomplishment of six courses of short duration, with the Fiocruz School of Government (EFG/Fiocruz Brasília); the work developed by the Virtual Health Library – Bioethics and Diplomacy in Health (VHL Nethis), which brings together, currently, 723 references in its collection; the launching of two publications supported by Nethis; the creation of the Research and Communication Program; and the participation in congresses and scientific meetings and the work in the area of communication with the website and the Nethis video library.

Annual Report of Activities Nethis 2014

The 2014 Edition describes the integrated performance of Nethis with the International Relations Advisory (ARI) at Fiocruz Brasilia, strengthening links with the Center of International Relations in Health (Cris) at the Presidency of Fiocruz. Among the many actions undertaken in that year, the report highlights the recognition of Nethis´s VHL as a cooperating center from Lilacs, the accomplishment of two editions of the Course of Short Duration “Paradoxes of South-South Cooperation in Health” and the Cycle of Debates in the em sedes de headquarters of partner institutions.

Annual Report of Activities Nethis 2013

This report records the consolidation of the activities of Nethis, with a focus on scientific production and participation in academic conferences, such as the 1st Forum of the VHL Brazil Network; the X Brazilian Congress of Bioethics; and the 4th National Meeting of International Relations. It also points out the interinstitutional cooperation in the promotion of the Cycle of Debates and the strengthening of teaching activities with the completion of two courses.

Relatório Anual de Atividades Nethis 2012

The second report presents the results grouped into three lines of action: publishing academic papers; cooperation with national and international institutions; and participation in congresses and scientific meetings. With highlights for the realization of the first edition of the “Update Course on Bioethics and International Cooperation in Public Health”; the first meeting of the Advisory Committee of the VHL Nethis; and to the eight sessions of the Cycle of Debates held this year.

Annual Report of Activities Nethis 2011

This report tells the background history and interinstitutional articulation that led to the founding of the Center for Bioethics and Diplomacy Studies in Health (Nethis). The core areas of work are systemized and the multidisciplinary technical team is presented. The document presents the results achieved in the period: the organization of Virtual Health Library on Bioethics and Diplomacy in Health (VHL Nethis); the development of the Nethis web portal ; and the achievement of the “Cycle of Debates”.