Dossiê Abrasco: a warning about the impact of pesticides on health

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  • 27 de Abril de 2015

The book is a co-edition of the Joaquim Venâncio Polytechnical School of Health, from Fiocruz, and Expressão Popular Publisher.


(Aicó Culturas design) – Illustrated panels were designed by Camila Scramin Rigo

This new chapter, completed in October 2014, was dedicated to updating events, studies and policy decisions, with information involving agrochemicals, struggles by the reduction of these substances and overcoming of  the model of agriculture chemical-dependent agribusiness. The reading of this latest scenario shows that the situation of the country in relation to pesticides is even more serious and that the correlation of forces in the social field provides bigger challenges. The consumption of agricultural poisons grows year after year; there is an ongoing process of deregulating the use of pesticides in the country.

It’s not for lack of confirmation of the harmful effects to health and to the environment that the serious situation of indiscriminate use of pesticides in Brazil is not reversed. The book gathers information from hundreds of books and papers published in national and international magazines that reveal scientific evidence and direct correlation between pesticide use and health problems. There is no doubt we are facing a scientifically proven truth: the pesticides are bad for people’s health and the environment.

Brazilian society resists the use of pesticides, and has organized and advances in the achievement of important public policies, such as the National Policy for the Prevention and Control of Cancer and the National Policy of Agroecology and Organic Production. About Agroecology – that the book comes with special dedication in this fourth part, we have the possibility of implementing the National Programme for the Reduction of Pesticides (PRONARA).

The Dossier in PDF format will be available for download on the website of Abrasco and its printed version for sale on the website of Abrasco Books.

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