Description of the Cycle of Debates

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  • 31 de Dezembro de 2012

The Cycle of Debates on Bioethics, Diplomacy and Public Health aims to promote the reflection, debate and development of interdisciplinary scientific studies. In 2014, the Cycle reaches its fifth year, with monthly periodicity, always held on the last Thursday of the month.

In each session, renowned researchers and managers from the fields of Bioethics, Public Health and International Relations are invited to lead the discussions.

The Cycle of Debates sessions are recorded and available in the Nethis video library .

Another result from the Cycle of Debates is the recording of the Dialogs Program,
posted by UnBTV, Channel 6 (NET). In the program, lasting 20 minutes, the guests made the synthesis of what it was discussed at the session of the Cycle of Debates.