Anvisa offers public consultation of re-evaluation of pesticides

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  • 22 de Fevereiro de 2016

Anvisa has three open public consultations about the banning of pesticides. The three substances are:

Lactofem: Herbicide used on soybeans, and present in products of the companies Bayer (Cobra), UPL (Coral), Nufarm (Drible) and Adama (Naja). Considered carcinogenic, the product is banned in the European Union.

Tiram: Fungicide authorized for the use in many food crops, such as rice, beans, corn, wheat, peas, barley and peanut, as well as soy, pastures and cotton. It is registered by the companies Bayer (Derosal Plus, Rhodiauram), Macdermid (Anchor), Chemtura (Ipconazole), Masterbor (Mayran, Sementiram), Novozymes (Protreat) and Arysta (Vitavax). It is considered mutagenic, causes reproductive toxicity and has suspected endocrine disruption, causing hormone problems. The product was voluntarily withdrawn from the market in the United States.

Carbofuran: Insecticide allowed for use in a variety of vegetables, fruits and grains. Manufactured by Ameribrás (Carboran, Raizer), and FMC Química (Diafuran, Furadan and Furazin). Classified as highly toxic by WHO and by the risk agency of the United States, and as a endocrine disruptor by the European Union. It is prohibited in Europe and California.
O prazo para contribuição na consulta do Carbofurano é 25/02, e para os demais é 07/03. The deadline for contributions to the consultation of Carbofuran is February 25th, and for the others March 7th.
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