Agreement between Incra and Fiocruz stimulates the use of medicinal plants and the generation of jobs

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  • 7 de Outubro de 2015


The National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (Incra) and Fiocruz signed a technical cooperation agreement last Tuesday (October 6th). The goal is to promote research and development of technologies and innovations in sustainable use of biodiversity, especially in medicinal plants, in many stages of the production chain. The initiative is also aimed at structuring clusters for the promotion of health and the generation of employment and income of the families benefited by the Agrarian Reform National Program, to ensure environmental sustainability and the implementation of the National Program for the Reduction of Pesticides.

The agreement also includes a demand of the “March of Daisies” (“Marcha das Margaridas”) – which brings together women who are farmers, indigenous, “quilombolas” and trade unionists, since it enables the disposal of medicinal plants and herbal medicines produced by the movement.

In addition to the promotion of research in the area through cooperation, actions will be carried out such as training, empowerment courses, quality control projects and initiatives aimed at reducing the use of pesticides in the settlements and surroundings.

Source: CCS/Fiocruz